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Domestic and Commercial Roofing

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At LJ Plastics, we offer an array of roofing services for our clients, we handle both domestic and commercial projects of any scale our skilled team with over 20 years of combined experience, are NVQ Level 2 Qualified in Joinery.


As a trusted local company, we provide free quotes at competitive rates. Whether it's roof repairs, full or partial re-roofs, or a new installation, we're ready to assist.

Colorful Roof Tiles

Roofing Specialists

Pitched roof repair and installation.

If you've observed missing tiles on your roof and are concerned about potential damp issues, LJ Plastics is ready to help with a range of affordable roofing services.


We handle installations for homes, outbuildings, and commercial properties, employing a mix of traditional methods and modern technology to ensure durability.

Our roofers can acquire tiles, slates, and synthetic slates from reputable suppliers, taking care to closely match colours, crucial for listed buildings or those in conservation areas.

Addressing storm damage and leaks on pitched roofs, we remove defective tiles and slates, then assess membranes, battens, and trusses.


Any affected areas are replaced with new membranes and timber, followed by attaching colour-matched tiles for a polished finish.


Our roofing services are a practical choice for customers in Blackburn and surrounding areas

Flat roofs and EPDM rubber roofing

We provide installation and repair services for EPDM flat roofs for both commercial and residential clients as part of our standard roofing offerings. EPDM rubber roofing is known for its strong resistance to weather, ease of installation, and fire-resistant properties.

LJ Plastics can apply EPDM rubber roofing to the following:

Bars and Pubs

Schools and Colleges

Local Authority Buildings

Hospitals and Care Homes

Restaurants and Cafes

Shops and Supermarkets

Factories and Warehouses

Residential Homes and Garages.

EPDM installation is straightforward, involving a cold application, unlike the conventional torch-on bitumen felt roofs.


Our rubber roofing services are a reliable choice for companies and homeowners seeking a new flat roof, providing superior longevity, and requiring minimal maintenance.

For flat roof renovations, we offer a complete roofline replacement by stripping back the original fascias and soffits to attach the underlying OSB decking.


Our uPVC rooflines, being robust and weather-proof, can be conveniently cut to size on site.

House with a garage
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Dry verge

A dry verge serves as a cost-effective alternative to traditional mortar verges. Our modern systems offer a longer lifespan, easier installation, and superior protection for your property.


Mortar verges, still prevalent on numerous UK homes and businesses, have a relatively short lifespan. Over time, they naturally crack and crumble, leading to the infiltration of unwanted pests and rainwater into your roof space.


In contrast, our plastic dry verges outlast mortar and provide a tidy seal above your roofline. Unlike mortar, which cannot be applied in freezing conditions or rain, our dry verges can be fitted in any weather.


With just a hammer and nails, our installation process is swift, resulting in a sleek and well-presented final product.

Ideal for homes and businesses

We cater to both residential and commercial customers and are equipped to handle roofing projects of any magnitude. Our interlocking tile system is suitable for pitched roofs of all sizes and shapes.

If you're looking for a reliable solution to protect your property from the elements, our dry verge installation services are the way to go.


Our plastic verges are eco-friendly and require no maintenance, making them a hassle-free option for both new and existing buildings.


We understand the importance of exceptional customer service, which is why we offer reasonable quotes and strive to exceed your expectations.


In addition to dry verge installation, we also provide a range of roofing services, including uPVC roofline, and guttering replacement, to ensure your property is fully protected.


Don't wait until it's too late - contact us today to schedule your dry verge installation.

Dry verge roofing system
Black dry verge

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